Shed News

Dear prospective Members of the Dorking Men’s Shed

Great News! We have secured some local government funding and we are hopeful that we have secured a venue to operate from.

We wish to invite you to come and see the premises and learn about how you can get involved.

The aims of the Dorking Men’s Shed are:

. To bring together the men of Dorking and give them a venue to meet and to co-operate on creative workshop projects
. To promote recreational and creative activities, mutual support and joint aid among our members.
. To establish a workshop where our members can meet
. To become involved in Community Projects

(Outside of COVID-19 restrictions*), our members meet on Thursday and Saturday mornings from 9.00 a.m. til 1.00 p.m at:

Hampstead Road Church
Hampstead Road

( * ) Whilst COVID restrictions are in place, our members are keeping in contact using various WhatsApp groups. This provides some social bonding at a time when many are feeling the effects of isolation.

If you are a member and wish to be added to these groups, please contact us via our email address below.

If you have questions beforehand please feel to send an email to